video corpo cad

digital I/O module / analog / Ethernet / serial



  • Signal type:

    digital, analog

  • Bus:

    Ethernet, serial

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:



For more than 30 years, Eaton’s ELPRO products have provided complete wireless monitoring and control solutions to the industrial market. Our comprehensive portfolio of wireless, Ethernet switching and network management products deliver an infrastructure for your critical assets.
Eaton’s end-to-end networking solutions offer secure and reliable connectivity resulting in optimized operations and reduced costs.
With solutions deployed worldwide in process, instrumentation and automation applications, Eaton has a solution for your application need.Applications sectors include: Water/wastewater, mining/mineral processing, oil and gas, process industries, factory automation, transport, pharmaceutical and renewable industries.

Eaton’s ELPRO products feature a broad range of solutions to fulfil specific wireless application requirements. Applications can range from basic point-to-point wireless, to larger complex and geographically dispersed SCADA Telemetry systems incorporating an architecture of several connectivity technologies such as VHF/UHF modems, GSM cellular, Wireless I/O and network switching.

With ELPRO products, radio transmission distances are possible from a few meters, up to many kilometers. With various products having built-in repeating capability (automatic or fixed), this further extends the coverage and flexibility of the system. A wide-range of frequencies and power-levels (licensed and unlicensed) are available.

ELPRO products are engineered for long-term reliability to withstand extremely harsh conditions typical of industrial applications.

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