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hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker / compact
1U series Eaton



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Current:

    Max.: 100 A

    Min.: 1 A

  • VAC:



The 1U Series Slimline is the first hydraulic magnetic breaker to use a snap action mechanism which improves reliablility, safety and performance. The contacts are controlled by a stored energy mechanism that closes in one swift motion when the operator switches the handle to the ON position. This prevents premature contact failure and improves efficiency for higher current ratings.

The 1U Series Slimline compact size allows greater design flexibility and saves valuable rack space without sacrificing performance
Patented snap action technology for improved performance and reliability
World’s first circuit breaker designed for 1U height rack-mount applications
All configurations are ULT 489 listed for branch circuit protection and conform to IEC standards

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