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The C Series is popular for outdoor locations, in either high temperature or low temperature environments where nuisance tripping might have been a problem in the past. The C Series is built for a wide range of applications and has one of the most versatile designs. From heating and air conditioning to modern railcars, the C Series breaker is built for the most demanding industrial applications.

Environmental, Vibration and Shock Resistant: Mil-spec qualification for fungus resistance, humidity, salt spray resistance and shock vibration resistance
Heat-Induced Nuisance Tripping Eliminated: The protector is designed to “hold in” at 100% continuous rated current, regardless of ambient temperatures from -40°C +85°C
Immediate Reset After Trip: The protector can be reset (closed) immediately after an overcurrent trip without a “cooling off” period
1/2 Cycle High Inrush Tolerance - 8X (standard) and 25x: The protector is available with different levels of tolerance to 1/2 cycle current spikes. Standard tolerance is 8X the continuous current rating; in addition, 25X is also available
Overcurrent Curves, Long, Medium or Short Delay: Time characteristic curves are available as Short, Medium and Long Delay

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