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power contactor / electromagnetic / DIN rail
DIL E Eaton



  • Function:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail

  • Load voltage:

    Min.: 24 V

    Max.: 480 V


The DIL E mini contactor relay is the ideal solution for motor control or small load control. This mini contactor relay is uniquely designed to be economic, small and compact as well as environmentally friendly.. These DIL E mini contactor relays have been approved for global use as they have met internationally set standards. They are CSA and UL approved. The efficient relays are available as AC versions as well as DC versions. The AC versions are for control current networks from 24 to 480 volts while the DC versions are for control currents of between 12 and 220 volts. Uses a diode-resistor suppressor.