hot air blower / centrifugal / single-stage
R2D225-AG02-10 ebm-papst



  • Type:

    hot air

  • Technology:


  • Number of stages:


  • Flow rate:

    1,395 m³/h, 1,265 m³/h (49,264 ft³/h)

  • Nominal power:

    250 kW, 165 kW (339.91 hp)


AC hot-air circulation blower
Motor: M2D068-EC

Technical description
Mass4.1 kg
Size225 mm
Surface of rotorUncoated
Motor suspensionMotor mounted via brackets on one side
Direction of rotationClockwise, seen on rotor
Type of protectionIP 20
Insulation class"F"
Humidity classF1-1
Max. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./ storage)+ 80 °C
Min. permissible ambient motor temp. (transp./storage)- 40 °C
Mounting positionAny
Condensate discharge holesNone
Operation modeS1
Motor bearingBall bearing
Touch current acc. IEC 60990 (measuring network Fig. 4, TN system)< 0,75 mA
Electrical leadsVia terminal strip
Cable exitAxial
Protection classI (if protective earth is connected by customer at the connection point of the housing)