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    energy-saving, DC, industrial


Energy-saving fans and energy-saving motors (ESM)

Energy-saving fans: High efficieny and multifarious functionality
Energy-saving fans based on the energy-saving motor (ESM) are in demand for many applications today. This especially applies to devices with a high duty cycle, such as air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Expertise is needed to lower energy consumption considerably, both for the aerodynamic design of the rotor, blade and housing as well as for the development of energy-saving motors that work very efficiently.

Energy-saving fans and energy-saving motors were developed for use in refrigerated and freezer cases. Depending on the fan design (axial, centrifugal, diagonal), these fans are available in various sizes with diameters from 130 to 300 mm.

The energy-saving motor represents environmentally friendly efficiency

Due to the aerodynamically optimised plastic rotor, energy-saving motors (ESM) run more quietly and also make do without any environmentally damaging varnish. Energy-saving motors (ESM) achieve a motor efficiency of more than 65 %, a figure more than three times higher than conventional shaded-pole motors. The input power was often able to be reduced to less than a fifth of previous values in real-world applications, since shaded-pole motors usually are not operated at their maximum efficiency. This is how this investment pays for itself within a very short period. High efficiency also results due to lower intrinsic heating during operation, which dissipates less heat into the environment.