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centrifugal fan / cooling / ventilation / EC
RadiFit ebm-papst



  • Configuration:


  • Function:

    cooling, ventilation

  • Other characteristics:

    EC, industrial, compact, double-inlet, backward curved


RadiFit EC centrifugal fans

Compact, efficient, easily upgraded. Centrifugal fan with backward curved blades, double inlet and scroll housing.

Five times GreenTech: the perfect match

Our RadiFit range of centrifugal fans with scroll housing, double inlet and backward curved blades is the new system solution for many applications in industry and ventilation technology.
Thanks to the highly efficient GreenTech EC motors, it offers high efficiency at high pressures.
They are also extremely compact, robust and light. Best of all, RadiFit fans match the standard installation dimensions for fans. This makes installing and replacing them child’s play.

Typical applications for centrifugal fans in air conditioning

Example: Low profile air conditioning unit
with RadiFit ø 250 mm.
In air-conditioned buildings, the warm air is used to adjust the temperature of the incoming air. In this process, fans convey the air through the heat exchanger and then through the intake and exhaust air ducts. Due to strict energy conservation regulations, the fans must not only be compact and flexibly controllable, but also highly efficient. Just like our new RadiFit.

Example: Central air handling unit
with RadiFit ø 400 mm.
Central air handling units use a variety of components such as filters, heat exchangers, humidifiers and de-humidifiers. The fans’ job is to convey the air through all these components as well as through a branched system of ducts, whilst compensating for the high losses of pressure. At the same time, the system needs to use less space and enable many rooms to be ventilated according to demand.