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This new centrifugal blower from ebm-papst Landshut is a "flame burner" that creates a laminar fresh air flow which, in turn, dispenses with the need for constant adjustments on site, thanks to its built-in mass flow sensor. This sensor also keeps the aspirated air volume at optimal levels despite fluctuations in air pressure and temperature.

The blower sends an aligned air current at a uniform speed through a bypass, and then through a semiconductor element. The integrated sensor determines the actual aspirated air mass of the air current created by the blower's restrictor, and the aspirated air is then sent to the duct and into the oven by the fan.

This easy-to-install blower features lubricated fan rotor bearings, aerodynamic air conduction technology, and pipe-in-pipe systems. Data transmission may be up to 100m once it is connected to a burner controller.


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