centrifugal fan / cooling / DC / compact
RER 120-26 series ebm-papst



  • Configuration:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    DC, compact, glass fiber-reinforced plastic, backward curved, industrial

  • Air flow:

    320 m³/h, 377 m³/h, 390 m³/h (11,300.69 ft³/h)


Specific structural design weighing 430 g with a very smooth operating 3-phase fan drive with a high pressure build-up and backward grooved impeller. Default PWM control input and speed signal, with other inputs and outputs as per demand. The unit features an Impeller manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, with built-in electronic commutation. Clockwise rotation seen on rotor with axial air intake, centrifugal air exhaust direction of air flow. There is single strand AWG 22, TR 64, bared and tin-plated connection.