centrifugal fan / cooling / high-pressure / industrial
REF 100-11 series ebm-papst



  • Configuration:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, industrial, glass fiber-reinforced plastic, DC, compact, backward curved

  • Air flow:

    86 m³/h, 104 m³/h (3,037.06 ft³/h)


A pressure-optimized blower structure weighing 160 g, with very flat and highly capable centrifugal fan. There is an optional versatile software configuration for the fan which guarantees an easily customization to comply with the separated application necessities. With a backward grooved impeller, manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced plastic material with built-in Electronic commutation. It has safety against reverse polarity and locking, with clockwise orientation of air flow radial, direction of rotation as seen on rotor. Single strands AWG 22, TR 64, bared and tin-plated linking.