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diagonal fan / cooling / DC / compact
DV 411x series ebm-papst



  • Configuration:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:

    DC, compact, glass fiber-reinforced plastic, industrial

  • Air flow:

    280 m³/h (9,888.11 ft³/h)


There are several design features that you need to take into account before buying this product. First of all, the diagonal fan comes with low noise, which is particularly useful when it comes to high pressure saddle curves. Next, the rigid compression curve works best for high air flow and high counterpressures, while the highly flexible software configuration of the fan ensures the solution is an easily customizable one, meeting the individual requirements for your application.

There are several general features that you may also wish to take into account, such as the strong housing, which is constructed out of aluminum, as well as the high quality impeller, made of fiberglass-reinforced PA. Next, the housing is possible with grounding lug for the M4 X 8 screw, while the connection is possible via single strands AWG 22. Finally, the rotation direction is counter-clockwise, while the mass of the product is of 375 grams (455 grams including the metal housing).