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When it comes to refrigeration and cooling installations, any residual heat that is created should be expelled to the surrounding air with the help of heat exchangers. At the same time, the fans can pump cool air through the heat exchanger, improving the heat dissipation. There is a wide range of options available for designing and configuring various devices, which includes fans that are especially quiet, durable and efficient.

At the same time, the new passive component provides a substantial improvement when it comes to the level of noise and efficiency, while the item makes it easier to adapt the fan to heat exchangers that are available commercially. Note that every medium is able to absorb a certain heat energy amount for each Kelvin degree. At the same time, the possible temperature difference to be expelled define the required air flow, while the air volume must be delivered by a fan through heat exchangers. Finally, the refrigeration technology appliances are used for operation with high operating factors.