external cylindrical grinding machine / for crankshafts / engine / CNC
CGC50 Ecotech Machinery, Inc.



  • Type:

    external cylindrical

  • Applications:

    for crankshafts, engine

  • Control type:


  • Other characteristics:

    large, heavy-duty

  • Power:

    29.4 kW (40 hp)

  • Distance between centers:

    Max.: 334 in

    Min.: 196 in


At the heart of every engine is a finely tuned crankshaft. This part transforms the piston movement (via the connecting rods) from linear to rotational. And this movement is what powers diesel marine engines, locomotive internal combustion engines, large compressors, and other heavy-duty machinery.

CNC Crankshaft grinding machines are used for grinding journals and crank pins to remove material and refurbish the expensive yet vital part of an engine. Crankshaft grinding is usually done when rebuilding an engine, and it also provides performance enhancements.

Our crankshaft grinders are suitable for single piece runs and for production lots.

Machine Models Available
CGC50 - Max. O.D. Swing = 49.20"