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air analyzer / trace / benchtop / real-time
Spectronus Ecotech



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    real-time, simultaneous, FT-IR


This trace gas and isotope FTIR analyzer has been designed to provide exact and continuous measurements of trace gases and isotopes in ambient air in real time, to incorporate the complete range of greenhouse gases. This latest analyzer from Ecotech is a combination of a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer, a multi-pass gas sample cell and a high performance detector which features sophisticated software enabling real-time quantitative analysis of trace gases in air and other gas mixtures, as well as fully automated operation.

Exceptional reproducibility and high repeatability are provided for numerous gas species at the same time without requiring frequent gas calibrations. Despite being primarily designed for exact measurements of trace gases and isotopes in ambient air, it can also be applied to numerous other gases and measurement applications and can be configured easily for various measurement needs.

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