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dust sampler / ambient air / high-volume
HiVol 3000 Ecotech



  • Sample type:

    ambient air, dust

  • Technology:



The HiVol 3000 high volume air sampler is conceived to provide high quality, reliable sampling with instant error notification ensuring confident results and minimal data loss. The device operates with a blend of advanced programming functions and electronic volumetric flow control to maintain consistent flow and collect truly representative sample of dust. The high volume air sampler comes with optional attachments to measure wind speed and direction, can be used as riggers to start sampling and also capture other meteorological parameters.

The HiVol 3000 high volume air samplers are U.S. EPA approval for PM10 air sampling (RFPS-0706-162). They feature superior quality design and construction. HiVol 3000 is the only high volume air sampler with CE and C-tick approval. The sampler provides reliable continuous sampling and advanced communications (error alerts, filter full alerts and remote instrument control).