video corpo

measurement monitoring device / air / particle / digital
Protinus 1000 Ecotech



  • Applications:

    measurement, air, particle

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, continuous


The Protinus 1000 provides a particulate monitor ideally suited for continuous monitoring around mines, quarries, construction and other dust generating activities.

The Protinus 1000 utilises size speicifc inlets to ensure accurate real-time dust measurements at suspended solids, PM10 or PM2.5 size fractions.

The Protinus 1000 can be combined with weather sensors to provide wind speed and direction data, Rh and ambient temperature. The monitor provides analogue outputs that can be used to activate localised visible or audible alarms if preset conditions are exceeded, as well as digital outputs for remote data extraction.

The Protinus 1000 can be solar powered and equipped with a selection of modem types which is ideal for nomadic deployment in remote areas such mine sites.