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inkjet printing machine / multi-color / for paper / in-line
FL5 Edale



  • Printing technology:


  • Color:


  • Applications:

    for paper

  • Other characteristics:


  • Printing speed:

    200,000 p/h


The Card Line provides a highly productive, web fed solution for the manufacture of low cost pre-paid telecom recharge cards reducing cost by combining multiple manufacturing processes into a single process.

Our offering is a ‘turnkey’ solution that not only provides the capital equipment but also a high level of consultative support, training and consumables.

We provide all necessary elements to get you into production as smoothly, and as quickly as possible; from the initial consultation, assistance with applications, process development, full validation and integration of the chosen system to identification and recommendations of consumables, process improvement, support, aftercare and maintenance.

Key Features

- Inkjet personalisation using thermal or drop on demand technology gives full flexibility on data positioning, content and orientation.
- Void marking linked with the data and scratch panel verification system ensures void cards are identified for removal and replacement.
- Verification of scratch panel position and integrity ensures that pin numbers are always securely covered.

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