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Protective helmet / with anti-noise feature
650 g, 54 - 60 cm, EN 397 - EN 352 | ARBORLIGHT-WORK EAR Edelrid

The Arborlight-Work "Ear" comes with peltors (H31, medium sound absorption/SNR Value: 28 dB /A). The helmet rim is curved around the ears, providing a much better fit of the defenders.

It offers all features of the Ultralight-Work helmet series:

Industrial standard EN 397
4-point chin strap system with opening safety (at 25 daN the safety opens when the helmet is jammed)
trapeze buckle for lateral tape adjustment and fix-system as well as a fastex buckle
straps on the inside
distinct shell rim
wide field of view thanks to the helmet ´s shape
ventilation holes with rivets
made of Polypropylene (PP).

Due to its material and shape, this helmet series offers utmost stability and incredible safety reserves. Use without attachment parts (at least peltors) is not permitted and only covers standard EN 397 when peltors are used. All attachment parts and protection products are available at 3M/Peltor or at your qualified dealer.


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