AC voltage stabilizer / automatic / parallel / redundant
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  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, parallel, redundant


VOR is an AC optimisation and regulation unit which supplies continuous,safe and constant voltage to the critical industrial machines and equipments. It adjusts the unstable grid voltage to the rate which is calculated according to the facility’s unique conditions.
VOR voltage regulators can operate in parallel, by short-circuiting the inputs and the outputs. Up to 16 units connected in parallel, can run as a single unit. With the patented “parallel voltage regulator” technology, they can maintain synchronous operation , fast and
safe voltage regulation. All the units can work as a “master” with the specially developed high speed CAN BUS communication protocole.
There is no need for an extra unit or a device for parallel operation.
What is other benefits;
*N+1 Redundancy (Uninterruptable redundant full power operation with parallel connection of one more additional regulator!)
*Scalable and Flexible Design
*Current Sharing
*High Power Applications up to 50MVA
*Share out the Risk by Parallel Redundant Voltage Management
*Industrial Voltage Management For All Kind of Grid Network Applications
*With High Speed SCR Technology
*Wide Input Voltage Range and High Output Accuracy
Our parallel redundant voltage stabilizer(VOR) is an unique solution for fast delivery and high power applications,If you have low power VOR series voltage regulators in your warehouse, then you are able to turn them into a high power regulator by connecting them in parallel.VOR stabilizers solves the problem of overstock and long delivery time.
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