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Compensation is done with an auto controlled system which includes stepped capacitor banks. RPFC automatically keeps the power factor within the close limits around a selected level. Capacitors taken into operation with the help of thyristors(SCRs). Thus the size of the compensation unit can be increased or decreased according to the requirement.
An automatic power factor regulator monitors the power factor of the system with the help of necessary devices like current transformers and maintains a constant power factor within the tolerance .

-Single phase or three phase
-Very fast, almost immediate response against power factor fluctuation .
-No transient phenomena on the system which can happen on capacitor switching.
-Silent operation.
-Harmonic filters can be added to the units according to the project details. (Optional)
-IP 21 (optional outdoor cabinets on request)
-4/6/12 Steps

System consists of :

-Capacitor banks with appropriate ratings and number of steps which are designed according to the client’s requirements or can be determined by our technical team according to the recorded data supplied by the client with a powermeter.


- Automatic power factor regulator: The reactive energy regulator which is used on SPFC, is the only regulator in the market that offers the possibility of using 3 measuring transformers in addition to the traditional method of measuring with a single current transformer, as well as providing the functions of an integral power analyzer and controlling the residual leakage currents. it can adapt to any compensation need (different time periods)

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Automatic Reactive Power Compensation Units