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Rotary piston vacuum pump
255 m³/h | 212J series EDWARDS


  • Technology:

    rotary piston


The Stokes Microvac rotary piston pump sets the standard for performance and reliability as the industrys most efficient, space-saving design. The Stokes Microvac rotary piston pump has been improved, upgraded, and fine-tuned to deliver even better dependability and productivity combined with minimal maintenance and process downtime.

An integral oil distribution system eliminates external piping and delivers leak-free operation in a stylized design. A stiffer motor mounting platform cuts flexibility to minimize motor belt wear. A stylized oil reservoir cover and side cover O rings improve sealing to eliminate oil leakage. An integral gas ballast valve built into the side cover allows quick adaptation to automatic gas ballast.

Most importantly, these improvements dont increase the industry leading space saving footprint. Inlet, outlet and mounting dimensions are exactly the same as the H series Microvac rotary piston pump.

This pump is fitted with a 230/460V coil for control of the oil solenoid valve which prevents the pump from flooding with oil in the case of power failure or a loss of vacuum.


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