EPS pre-expander / automatic / PLC-controlled
EP series Ege Proses Machinery Industry Inc.



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    for EPS, automatic, PLC-controlled


Fully Automated
First Expansion Density 12-32 g/l
Resin Hooper Capacity (depends on machine model)
Fluid Bed Dryer with Heater
Bead Forward & Transfer Blower
Mechanical Screw System for Resin Fill
12’’ Touch Screen Panel
User Friendly Software
PLC Control System
Twin Hood for Pentane gas and Steam
Batch System Resin Weight
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Steam Chamber with Special Insulation
Laser Cut S-Steel Steam Distributor
Time or Level Control (Vibration type )
Proportional Type Steam Control Valves
Independent RPM adjustment of Agitator
Special Service Platform with ladder
Special Type Cabinet for Control Panel