thermal flow meter / for water / with analog output / programmable
SDN 552 series EGE



  • Technology:


  • Fluid:

    for water

  • Other characteristics:

    with analog output, programmable, compact, in-line

  • Process temperature:

    Min.: -10 °C (14 °F)

    Max.: 90 °C (194 °F)

  • Volumetric flow rate:

    Min.: 1 l/min (0.3 us gal/min)

    Max.: 40 l/min (10.6 us gal/min)


The SDN 552 series by EGE is an Electromagnetic flow meter which is designed for controlling various media. For this specific model, it comes with a digital display making it to suit for a wide range of application. Some of the function coming from its predecessor model is retained. Also, it comes with a additional feature which suit for other media such as emulsions, cooling liquids and lubricants. For operation that needs multiple unit of measuring equipment, it is the suitable tool for it because each of the units comes with a single programming software. It comes with an integrated display for displaying current status of the operation. For its flow ranges, this unit has a rating of 1 up to 40 l/min.

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