planetary gearbox / precision / high-efficiency / transmission
BPT-series EGT Eppinger Getriebe Technologie GmbH



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    precision, high-efficiency

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The planetary bevel gearboxes of the BPT series are based on a pre-fabricated and specifically matched combination of BT series bevel gearboxes with pre-stages from the planetary gearboxes of the PE series. The BT series is distinguished by especially high power density and variability. Maximum precison of the axes and bearing seats, combined with Gleason bevel gearing to take high loads, are the basis for minimized tooth clearance and optimal transmissionproperties. With the combination of hardened and ground gear teeth with high precision gearcomponents, the PE series guarantees efficient performance, smooth running and high uptime.The innovative solutions allow for a host of application options. Hence, the variability of theupstream planetary stages covers a wide spectrum of gearbox ratios and offers extremely high ratios up to i = 320:1, while at the same time maintaining high efficiency levels. Constant backlash control is guaranteed by the highly stable design of the housing and the hardened, super-finished gear components. Best efficiency rates ensure high energy efficiencyand add to cost reductions.

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