box palletizer / articulated / high level infeed / Cartesian
Ehcolo A/S



  • Type:

    high level infeed, articulated, Cartesian

  • Product applications:


  • Throughput:

    Min.: 0 p/h

    Max.: 2,200 p/h


We manufacturer every box palletizer after the need of our clients. Every palletizer can, therefore, be fitted to palletized every kind of box available. Every Ehcolo palletizer is produced in Denmark and our own technicians help you set up and test your new palletizer machine.

SPEED - Up to 2200 boxes per hour
BAG DIMENSION - All box sizes
PALLETIZING PATTERN - Freely adjustable
OPERATION - Very user-friendly

We design, manufacture and supply our custom made box palletizers, that are perfect to palletize boxes of any size and shape.

We do also make palletizer that can both palletize boxes and bags, making them very versatile and also quite convenient if you need to palletize bags and boxes.