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Gantry palletizer / bag / robotic
PM 400, 500 Ehcolo A/S


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  • Throughput:

    Min.: 400 p/h

    Max.: 500 p/h


The palletizers type PM 400 and PM 500 are gantry type robot palletizers, and designed for smaller and medium capacity packing lines. The unique side bag pick-up system with top press plate gives straight-sided and stable pallets suitable for high storage stacking. Can palletise all sizes of bags and boxes on all sizes of pallets. Can palletise bags with or without overlapping.

Can also palletise and de-palletise boxes with a vacuum pick-up system.

Compact, low investment and low maintenance costs. Very easy customer programmable. Memory for up to 80 product programs. Easy moveable to different locations.

Possibly the best palletizer in this capacity range.

Capacity: 400 and 500 bags per hour.

At inquiry on palletiser please inform us the following:

Product type(s) and dimensions?
Pallet type/sizes.
Total max. pallet height.
Max. kapacity per minute or per hour.
If also stretch wrapper or hood stretcher are needed
Use the form to the right, or send us a direct email to the adress above.

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