scientific vision camera system / monochrome / CCD / USB 2.0
50 Megapixel EHD imaging



  • Function:

    scientific vision

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    USB 2.0

  • Other characteristics:



The new microlensed KAF-50100 is the result of ayear-long collaborative effort between ON Semiconductor(and IDEX-FLI). Our goal: to create asensor with both extremely high resolution and excellentquantum efficiency (QE). The significantly boosted QE ofthe new KAF-50100 sensor brings it in line with popularfull frame sensors such as the KAF-16803 and KAF-8300but with much higher spatial resolution.At 5" diameter in the front and less than 5" front to back,the ML50100 is a small camera with big cameracapabilities. Each component of the camera is designedand manufactured for a long life in the most demandingconditions. The MicroLine ML50100 can cool to 45Cbelow ambient in less than five minutes. Simply set theMicroLine cooling where you want it and the camera willdo the rest, quickly and without worries.

ML50100 Sensor Specs
Sensor: ON Semi KAF-50100
Pixels: 8176 x 6132
Pixel Size: 6 μm
Full Well Capacity: 40,300 e-
Sensor Diagonal: 61.3 mm
Video Size (inch): 3.8
Anti Blooming: 800x
Color Options: Monochrome
CCD Type: Front Illuminated
CCD Grades: Standard