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rolled ball screw / high moving speeds / high-helix
ø 8 - 25 mm | FBE, ZYE series Eichenberger Gewinde



  • Type:


  • Performance:

    high moving speeds

  • Other characteristics:


  • Diameter:

    Min.: 18 mm

    Max.: 40 mm

  • Load rating:

    Min.: 1400 N

    Max.: 68000 N


The FBE, ZYE Series of High Helix Ball Screw, manufactured by Eichenberger Gewinde, is specifically designed as cold-rolled, wear-resistant carry speed line ball screw. This device is mainly used for intense moving speeds, and can deliver an efficiency which is nothing short of impressive.

This product can generate 1 400 to 68 000 N, and is built in 8 - 24.5 mm.

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