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hot water tank hot water tank - MIT.T.SS.T


Ekin Endüstriyel serves food, chemical,residental and hotel sectors with producing stainless stain tanks which are designed by our Professional engineers.

Stainless stain tanks are usually used in food, industrial plants and hotels for potable water. Stainless stain tanks must be designed according to required specifications before producing.

Those specifications are.
- Operating temperature and pressure
- Dimensions
- Material
- Nozzle (Ball shaped nozzle, Ellipsoid nozzle, Conical part, Torispherical nozzle)
- Pipe connection diameter and pressure class
- Climate (wind,earthquake and ground specs.)

Some of the liquids will show different physical and chemical reactions according to temperature. Therefore, liquids temperature must be provided in order to produce stainless steel tanks with right material. Our expert and well experienced engineers in Ekin Industrial, are able to design and produce stainless steel tanks with right material according to liquid type. Material thickness is identified according to operating pressure and total volume of tanks.

The most important operation is welding while producing stainless steel tanks. Capillary cracks and undercuts are the most common mistakes. Capillary cracks must be checked with radiographic tests.If it’s not checked, capillary cracks may lead to very serious problems in future because of continuous pressure.Therefore, welder must be very experience and must have a certificate.. EKIN INDUSTRIAL have BV certified welders to prevent any problems.

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