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progressive cavity pump / for wastewater / for chemicals / slurry
Ekin Industrial



  • Media:

    for wastewater, for chemicals, slurry, for beverages, for dairy products

  • Operation:

    with electric motor

  • Priming:

    vacuum-assisted priming

  • Type:

    progressive cavity

  • Domain:

    for the chemical industry, for the food and beverage industry, for wastewater treatment

  • Other characteristics:

    for high-viscosity fluids, for low-viscosity fluids, stainless steel, cast iron

  • Flow:

    Min.: 0 m³/h (0 ft³/h)

    Max.: 300 m³/h (10,594.4 ft³/h)

  • Pressure:

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 72 bar (1,044.272 psi)


Mono pumps are used in various industries, in most tough applications, without any problem, it can transfer fluids.

As it is suitable for transferring high and low viscosity fluids it can also transfer abrasive, sticky, crush and foam sensitive fluids. It provides a measurable, smooth, linear flow with quiet and vibration-free operation.

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