Plano-concave lens / BK7
ø 12.5 - 25.4 mm, F 25 - 1000 mm | 112 series EKSMA Optics


  • Geometry/curvature:


  • Material:


  • Diameter:

    Min.: 12.5 mm

    Max.: 25.4 mm


Have negative focal lengths
Diverge collimated incident light
Forms only virtual images which are seen through the lens
Reduce spherical aberration, coma and distortion at negative-infinite or near-infinite conjugate ratios
With the concave surface facing the longest conjugate distance
These lenses are thicker at the edge than in the centre and flat on one side. The plano-concave lenses are used to expand light beams or to increase focal lengths in optical systems. They are often employed for beam expansion of high peak power pulsed lasers. A beam incident on a concave surface will be focused to a point outside the instrument.


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