rotary actuator / pneumatic / rack-and-pinion / double-acting
F series EL-O-MATIC



  • Movement:


  • Type:


  • Technology:

    rack-and-pinion, double-acting

  • Torque:

    Max.: 4,000 Nm (2,950.25

    Min.: 12 Nm (8.85


F Series Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuator

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the F-Series high-performance springs optimize its reliability. Because the F-Series design has reduced thrust bearing forces, its working life is extended. In addition, the F-Series offers maximum corrosion protection by using high-grade materials and advanced finishing techniques.

Dual Stroke Adjustment – standard in the F-Series actuators – enables users in the field or in the workshop to easily reconfigure and accommodate various application conditions.

F-Series actuators offer a wide temperature range. Standard actuators are specified for
-20°C to +80°C (-4°F to 176°F). Optional temperature versions are also available:

High temperature: -20°C to +120°C (-4°F to +248°F)
Low temperature: -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)

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