fuel oil dispensing nozzle / manual
ZV 400, ZV 500, ZH 50 series ELAFLEX



  • Fluid:

    fuel oil

  • Other characteristics:



ELAFLEX supplies for the bulk delivery manually operated fuel oil nozzles in sizes Dn 32 - 50. Available either with fixed spout or TW coupling.

Type ZV 400 / ZV 500
High performance manual operated dispensing nozzles for Diesel, fuel oil, petroleum etc. Flow rates 250-650 l/min, nominal pressure PN 10.
For hoses DN 32 40. 3-position latch.

Type ZH 50
High performance manual operated dispensing nozzles, for Diesel, heating oil, viscous gear and motor oils, max. flow rate 450 litres/min. Operating pressure up to 10 bar. Ball valve type nozzle with check valve for wet hose delivery, progressively adjustable notch lever.

Distribution usually by authorized distributors, agents and subsidiaries. OEMs are supplied directly by ELAFLEX.