Digital indicator for anemometer

- Display of direct current, direct voltage, potentiometer signal
- Display range: 3 digits with or without - indication (-9999/9999) or 3 digits and a half (1999)

The digital readouts series VD3 can be employed in any industrial environment where it is necessary to measure voltage and currents, speeds, angular or linear positions and any physical or chemical magnitude that can be transformed into an electrical signal.

There are different versions available: visualisers series VD3 LQRQ can be coupled to rotary or linear potentiometers with resistive values ranging between 1 and 100 Kohm. The value of the displayed measure can be adjusted from zero to the max. scale range.

The readouts series VD3 Vcc can be combined with transducers providing direct voltage values proportional to the magnitude to be measured. VD3 Vcc allows to modify the display mode according to the voltage detected as input. It is possible to display direct voltage values ranging between 1 and 250 Vdc.

The display field can be chosen among three different solutions:

* 3 digits (999) Readout type VD30
* 3 1/2 digits (1999) Readout type VD31
* 3 digits + steady zero (9990) Readout type VD300

The number of decimal digits can be preset. The calibration is performed by means of a trimmer on the rear or on the front case (series named TF).

Further technical specifications:
- Supply 24 Vac or 115/230 Vac ±10% 50/60 Hz - 3 VA
- 7-segment display LEDs 12.7 mm high
- A/D conversion by double ramp integrator
- Readings/second: 3
- Case DIN43700 standard
- Resolution: VD30-VD300 ±1000 steps; VD31 ±2000 steps
- Accuracy: ±0.05% FSR


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