position indicator / current / voltage / digital
VD3 series ELAP


  • Measured value:

    position, current, voltage

  • Display:


  • Type:



The Display Readouts Series VD3 is used in displaying direct current, voltage and potentiometer signal. It is built with a three digit display feature through a range of -9999/9999. Series VD3 is well suited for utilization necessitating for the measurements of voltage, currents and others that can be converted into an electrical signal.

The range comes in various versions including the visualisers series VD3 LQRQ. It can be coupled to potentiometer that has a resistive values amounting between 1 and 100 Kohm. Through its integration with a transducer, direct voltage values that are comparable to the magnitude to be quantified are supplied.

Display readouts come in three different solutions: 3 digits (999), 3 1/2 digits (1999) and 3 1/2 digits (1999).