Magnetic float level switch / for liquids
max. 60 °C | T-205 PPH E.L.B. Füllstandsgeräte Bundschuh GmbH + Co.


  • Technology:

    magnetic float

  • Measured material:

    for liquids


System of protection EN 60529 IP 65
Floattype Ixtype 12(13)
Cable cableUYY0.14mmJ
l)ex PVC0.24 mm2
Operating temperature max. 60 *C
Operating pressure depressurized
Media density type 12:0.93 g/cmJ
type 13:0.68 g/cm*
Number IxNO/NC
of contacts through 180* rotation
of float
Switching current 1A
Switching voltage 250 V AC
Switching capacity 50 W/VA


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