Vickers hardness tester
5-3000 HV | HV-1000 Elbo - Eredi Bassi Araldo sas


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The Vickers Tardness Tester, developed by Elbo, is mainly used for determining the micro-hardness of carburized and nitrided layers of metal pieces. The unit is supplied with 5 to 3000 HV measurement range, 220 VAC power supply, and 0.125 micron minimal scale value. It is also equipped with 100 mm depth, 340 x 160 x 375 mm dimensions, and 40 kg weight. In addition, the framework comes with 0.09807, 0.2452, 0.4904, 0.9807, 1.961, 2.942, 4.904, and 9.807 N applied force.


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