radio remote control / with emergency stop / with toggle switch / IP65
PIC ELCA Radiocontrols



  • Type:


  • Control interface:

    with emergency stop, with toggle switch

  • Other characteristics:

    IP65, compact, belt

  • Product applications:

    industrial, for furniture, for trucks, for agricultural applications, for marine applications, winch, for pumps, for concrete mixers


PIC is a compact waistbelt radiocontrol, small and lightweight, robust and reliable. Designed to satisfy a vast range of applications (compatible with MITO and E1 electronics).
The standard configuration consists of 3 selectors and emergency mushroom-shaped stop button, allowing for 5 commands , and with a second function toggle, up to 8 commands.
Versions with potentiometer (analog output) and 4 feedback LEDs (E1-PIC) are also possible.
The anti-reflection panel, made of durable materials, remains effective even in harsh and particularly heavy applications; customizable.
The blinking of the "CHECK" Led indicates to the operator that the receiver is connected and ready to receive the commands sent.
Internal lithium battery, replaceable, with continuous transmission up to 50 hours (MITO series) and up to 20 hours (E1 series). Fast charging with dedicated ELCA-CLIP USB connector.
MITO-PIC has a bidirectional transmission system with LBT logic (Listen Before Transmit) that automatically searches for the best available free frequency.
The identification code is unique and immune to possible commands interference from any other systems in the area of ​​use.
The belt supplied with the transmitter, with quick release, has a leather finishing to ensure comfort and portability. The integrated belt-guides protect the charging plug, which can also be used with a power-bank.
PIC uses the MINI receiver: lightweight, compact, with internal antenna (external, optional); perfect for small spaces and resistant to harsh conditions.