Air cooler / for electrical cabinets / vortex tube
BP series ELDON


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for electrical cabinets

  • Other characteristics:

    vortex tube

  • Power:

    162 W (552.77 BTU/h), 293 W (999.75 BTU/h), 586 W (1999.51 BTU/h), 820 W (2797.95 BTU/h)


Rugged cooler with no moving parts. Maintenance free, easy to install. Especially suited for dusty and hostile environments. A cost effective and reliable insurance to keep processes running by preventing overheating and failure through dust or dirt. Available in three versions: TYPE 12 | TYPE 4X and high temperature. Can be controlled by a thermostat. Operating pressure 5,5 - 7,0 Bar.


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