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Three-phase generator set / diesel / stationary / containerized


  • Phase:


  • Motor type:


  • Portability:

    stationary, containerized

  • Frequency:

    50 Hz

  • Options and accessories:


  • Cooling system:


  • Rotational speed:

    1500 rpm (9424.78 rad.min-1)

  • Power in kVA:

    Min.: 910 kVA (1220.33 hp)

    Max.: 1000 kVA (1341.02 hp)

  • Sound level:

    85 dB


Date: 01/11/2016. Electra Molins reserves the right to modify these specifications according to its own technical criteria.
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Generating set technical data: Model Electra Molins EMT2-1000 STATIONARY / AUTOMATIC ON CONTAINER
The stated outputs correspond to the maximum continuous power with variable load according to ISO-8528-1, in atmospheric
conditions of 40ºC and 1000 m of altitude. The generating set can operate at higher temperatures and altitudes with the
application of power correcting factors.
The prime power output admits a 10% overload in limited time peaks, maximum one hour every 12 hours. However, in order to
extend the engines life, it is advised that the average active power charges (kW), either continuous or discontinuous, connected
to the generating set during any 24 hours working period, should not exceed:
70% PRP power, in main service.
80% LTP power, in standby service on mains failure.


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