DC motor controller / microstepping / two-phase stepper / analog
SA45 Electrocraft



  • AC/DC:


  • Motor type:

    microstepping, two-phase stepper

  • Other characteristics:


  • Input voltage:

    Max.: 48 V

    Min.: 11 V

  • Current:

    5 A, 10 A


ElectroCraft presents SA45 CompletePower™ drives. The drives run on a bipolar stepper motor. They offer nominal current of 5A and 10A. The drives are suited for stepper motors up to 500W. This bipolar stepper drives come in a completely enclosed robust case of aluminum. The drives offer microstepping to resolution of 1/16. For quick integration, they allow both DIN-rail or panel mounting.
Basic DIP switches are used for setting the operation mode.

SA45 has an internal oscillator, which enables the drive to operate at an internal speed set-point. Or it allows scaling of this set-point with an external analog speed reference. The same range of voltage supplies can be used for powering both the 5A as well as the 10A versions. The drive features over-current and over-temperature protection. For highest efficiency, they include the sophisticated dual full bridge MOSFET driver. They use RJ45-CAT5 plugs and push-type terminals to provide tool-free connectivity to the control inputs and to power respectively.