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Metalized polypropylene film capacitor / axial / high-current
945 Series Electrocube


  • Type:

    metalized polypropylene film

  • Configuration:


  • Technical characteristics:


  • Capacitance:

    Min.: 0 µF

    Max.: 150 µF


The new rugged Series 945 metallized
capacitors offer high frequency operation,
high current and low ESR in a
miniature package. They are able to
handle high surge currents without
degrading thus making them an
excellent electrolytic capacitor replacement.
Series 945 are ideal for audio
systems. This capacitor series was
designed for AC and pulsing applications.
The units are rated for 67
VRMS and 100 and 270 VRMS (to 100
KHz), but may also be used for all DC
applications up to 200 VDC and 400
VDC respectively.
Units are available in axial-lead wrap
and fill, in oval and round shapes, and in
voltages of 100, 200, 400 and 600 VDC.
All capacitors feature extended foil
construction and standard tin-coated
copper leads.
Protective clear wrap is offered on all
wrap and fill units.
The potting material and endfills of
Electrocube’s capacitors meet or
exceed the flammability requirements
of UL94VO.
Dimensional variations for all MFD values
are available with the same volume to
meet your design requirements.


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