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These resins have been formulated as highly temperature resistant and thermally conductive potting compounds which retain excellent characteristics throughout thermal cycling. ER2221 is coloured black, while ER2222 is red, otherwise the cured resins do not differ in their physical properties. Both exhibit excellent thermal resistance up to an operating temperature of 150°C and have an enhanced thermal conductivity value in comparison to other encapsulants of 1.20W/m.K.

Both resin systems are filled, but the viscosity of the mixed system is low in comparison to other resins with a similar filler loading. This allows the mixed resin to be easily mixed and can flow between components and devices with limited spacing.

Both ER2221 and ER2222 are an excellent choice for encapsulating an electronic device which requires high levels of thermal resistance and protection such as automotive, aerospace, industrial or other applications which are subject to harsh environments.

Key Properties:
Two component black / red epoxy resin
Excellent high temperature resistance up to 150°C
Enhanced thermal conductivity
Low viscosity for a filled system;
Does not contain abrasive fillers; low wear on dispensing machinery
UL94 V-0 Approval
RoSH-2 Compliant


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