nitrogen analyzer / hydrogen / elemental / benchtop
vario MAX cube Elementar



  • Measured entity:

    nitrogen, hydrogen

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    simultaneous, automatic, Dumas method


ELEMENTAR developed the world’s first combustion type nitrogen analyzer for samples up to 3 g using reusable steel crucibles in 1988. What followed was the vario MAX cube series, a complete line of macro analyzers for N, CN, CNS or CHN determinations. It is the leading analyzer in terms of analytical performance, reliability, cost and speed of analysis being a combination of traditional design with state of the art electronics, software and robotics. It allows largest sample size up to 5 g sample weight for N and CN analysis. It is equipped with 90 position autosampler for 5 ml steel crucibles for solids and liquids with virtually unlimited life. It takes less than 4 min for N (sample to sample) giving speed analysis. It has the best precision in its class e.g. 5 ppm N in beer or 10 ppm C in soil. It allows unattended, fully automated overnight operation.