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Elementar presents trace SN cube analyzer for determination of sulfur and nitrogen at very low concentrations. This is useful in hydrocarbons like gasoline, diesel and natural gas. It builds on the success of vario TRACE S/N liquid injection on the already recognized cube platform. It features a recently-designed autosampler. This, along with the time-tested combustion methodology, make it an exceptional analyzer for the most sensitive estimation of carbon and sulfur.

SN cube analyzer includes two separate channels for combustion and detection. These channels share only the liquid automatic injector, which makes two distinct injections, and electronic control and processing. This enables an uncompromised use of optimum analytical environments and catalysts for each analysis. In comparison to using two different analyzers, it also leads to substantial cost and space savings. The methods are in compliance with ASTM D 5453, D 6667, D 4629 and DIN ISO 20846. It provides a secure and completely automatic trace analysis.

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