110VDC electromechanical relay / 5VDC / 1 NO / 2 NO
SIS 3 series ELESTA GmbH



  • Control voltage:

    110VDC, 5VDC

  • Contact configuration:

    1 NO, 2 NO

  • Other characteristics:

    with guided contacts, surface-mount

  • Switching current:

    Min.: 3 mA

    Max.: 6,000 mA


The Elesta SIS 3 series is an array of relays with force guided contacts constructed in a 29.2mm (L) x 16.6mm (W) x 16.5mm (H) framework. These relays have coil power of 0.6W and can exhibit switching current range of 5mA up to 6A with coil voltage of 5V DC up to 110V DC. These relays can resist shock and allow minimal coil-loss power in every operation. In addition, they suit in applications such as medical technology, sensors, interfaces, transportation, motion control, and door control with strict compliance to UL, cUL, SEV, TÜV directives.

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