Digital pressure switch / with display
-1 ... +600 bar, 17 - 33 V | E619 ELETTROTEC s.r.l.


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The EP619 by Electtrotec S.r.l. is an Electronic pressure switch with display which features its power rating of 17...33 Vdc% and a current consumption of 50mA at minimum and maximum of 200mA. For this model, it can handle pressure that ranges up to -1 to 600 bar and its burst pressure which has a maximum of 1800 bar. Its accuracy is 10 kOhm 4/20mA <500 Ohm making it reliable for any operation. Its body is made of nickel plated brass which has a protection of IP65. The whole unti comes with a dimension of 45.71 x 114.6 x 57.02 mm and an operating temperature of -20°C to 80°C.


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