Variable pressure switch
max. 600 bar, 0.4 A, 240 V | PMV series ELETTROTEC s.r.l.


  • Other characteristics:



Max voltage 240 Vac
Current 0,4A
Diaphragm/Gasket See reference list below
Temperature range -40°C to +140°C (according to
diaphragm/gasket material)
Max. cycle rate at 25°C 200/min
Protection (terminals) IP 00 see page 2
Protection with CAP 1 IP 54 see page 2
Protection with CAP 10 IP 54 see page 2
Protection with CAP 3 IP 65 see page 2
Switch housing Nylon 6,6
Mechanical life 106 operations
Strength test 1500 V - 10 mA - 10
Tightening torque max. 5 Kgm


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