tunnel type metal detector / for bulk materials / for the food industry / for the textile industry
ARGUS 1 ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH



  • Type:

    tunnel type

  • Applications:

    for bulk materials

  • Domain:

    for the food industry, for the textile industry


Benefits at a glance

Simple operation and automatic system adaptation to operation requirements
Highest sensitivity for all metals
Suppression of the side-effects related to products and peripheral disturbances by digital filters
Serial interface (RS-232) for configuration and documentation by a standard PC and Standard-Terminal Program
Each unit is 100 % factory tested and customised in advance, optionally pre-wired and ready for use
Optimum price / benefit ratio
Short delivery time – standard dimensions in stock

Typical applications

Free fall metal separation in bulk materials
Machine protection
Consumer protection
Food industry
Plastic industry
Textile industry