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Electric valve actuator / linear / with integrated safety
CE series Elodrive GmbH


  • Type:


  • Movement:


  • Other characteristics:

    with integrated safety

  • Torque:

    30 Nm (22.13 ft.lb), 40 Nm (29.5 ft.lb)


ELODRIVE-Actuators are intended to be used for the operation of dampers, valves and other process control elements. The CE-Series of actuators (Brand name: EloSafe®) are equipped with an electronic failsafe solution that ensures a torque constant opening or closing of the damper or valve in case of a power supply interruption. The necessary energy for the failsafe operations is stored within the actuator. Direct mounting of the actuators onto the damper shafts is achieved via the centric clamping adapter. An enclosed anti-rotation strap ensures that the actuator remains in a defined position. The maximum rotation angle is 95°.


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